Supplies and Services


Tri-C provides everything you need at no cost to your school!

  • Shopping List Envelopes
  • To & From Gift Bags (3 Sizes)
  • Decorated Tablecloths
  • Promotional Posters
  • Chairperson "How to Handbook"
  • Price Labels for Tables
  • Cash Register App
  • Special Promotions

    We run several early sign up bonuses throughout the year. You can also earn bonuses by combining a fundraiser with your holiday shop. Contact us to see what promotions we may have running at the current time.

    Free Delivery

    Tri-C's Holiday Shop is 100 % RISK-FREE! All the merchandise is provided on consignment. Return unsold merchandise, no freight charges for delivery, re-orders, or pick-up, no hidden cost. At the conclusion of your sale, you only pay for the merchandise sold.

    Free Next Day Delivery of Reorders

    Our local warehouse makes a difference! Don’t let other companies fool you. Make sure you ask the questions – Where is my merchandise being shipped from and how am I sure that I will get it in time for my sale? We personally deliver your holiday shop and most of the reorders via Tri-C employees and company vehicles. This ensures you receive your items in a timely manner. Our goal is to have all reorders delivered by 10:00 a.m.

    Plus - We allow you to place one reorder every day of your sale! Most of our competitors will restrict the number of reorders you are allowed.

    Easy Setup

    Every box that arrives at the school is labeled by category (Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, and Xtra). Inside each of the boxes, items are labeled with the item number, description, price code and quantity in the package. This makes setup easy and saves hours of time in getting your holiday shop up and running.

    Easy to Read Inventory Sheets

    Inventory sheets arrive with the delivery and summarize each item sent. The forms list each item by category in numerical and price order. The inventory sheets display item numbers, description, quantity, price code, cost, and selling price. Each time a reorder is placed, you will receive an updated sheet with delivery.

    Price Coded Merchandise

    No more looking up or memorizing the prices of over 100 items! We offer you’re a simple price coding system that will make check out fast & easy! Our merchandise will arrive coded with a number code that corresponds to a specific retail price point. You will now only have to refer to the number on each item to find out the price. The coding will work no matter what pricing structure you choose. This coding system, along with our cash register app, makes checkout simple!

    Cash Register App

    Our app is available for both Apple and Android Devices. No Internet - No Problem. Once you are signed in, there is no need to be connected to WiFi or use data. Once downloaded, log into the app using the username and password we provide and you are all set with your custom pricing structure. This avoids the chance of accidently setting it up wrong. Simply push the button on the app that corresponds to a “Price Code” found on each item. The app automatically adds up each item and calculates a total and change due – making check out fast and easy!

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