Incentives and Services

We provide everything you need for a successful fund raising campaign

Exclusive Fund Raising Brochures

Quality + Value + Selection = A GREAT FUNDRAISER. We carry a variety of exclusive brochures, each featuring a unique selection of items. This leads to increased participation and increased sales.

Accumulative Prize Program

Start earning prizes for selling 1 item. The more items a student sells, the more prizes they can earn. Make sure to check out our prizes and levels. Level for level, you will not find a better program.

Custom Designed Extra Prize Incentives

We have a wide variety of ideas to help increase participation and sales. Class parties, teacher gifts, limo lunch rides, raffle prizes and so much more. Together we can custom design a program to meet the needs of your group.

4 Part Order Form

We want to make sure we never lose an order. Our 4 part order form is the answer. Families keep a copy, the school/group keeps a copy, Tri-C keeps a copy and a copy goes back with the student’s order.

Fund Raising Handbook

This is a great resource to help make sure everything runs smoothly. We outline the whole process with step by step directions to make your job easy. No more guessing what you should be doing at different stages throughout your sale. Plus, we are only a phone call or email away if you need us.

Free Promotional Tools & Samples

We provide marketing materials to help promote your fundraiser. These include large hallway posters, announcements throughout the sale, newsletter and social media images, samples for display and more. As a “thank you”, when the sale is over the samples are yours to keep.

Packets Arrive Ready to Hand Out

We make it easy! When the packets arrive at the school they will already be pre-assembled. We even write your newsletters. Once approved, we print it on the front of your fund raiser packet. Then we take the brochure(s), prize program, and order form and collate each packet. Packets will arrive at the school ready to go. They just needed counted out by classroom.

Customized Kickoff Assembly

We personally come to your school to get your sale started. During our short presentation, we go over the important information regarding the fundraiser with the students and talk about safe selling. We also have a great prize display that is sure to build excitement about the sale.

Online Shopping

Our catalogs support online shopping in addition to traditional selling. Our online store allows easy posting to social media in addition to sending emails to family and friends.
This is a great option for out-of-town family and friends to support your sale. This leads to increased sales & higher profits. The school gets the profit, seller gets the prize credit and the product ships directly to the customer’s home, business or can even be delivered to the school with the rest of the orders for the student. This program gives the chairperson and student 24/7 internet access to view online sales and totals in real time.

Computerized Reports

Once the orders have been computerize, we will generate detailed reports for your sale. These reports are easy to read and understand and include an overall summary of the sale, internet sales, individual orders for each student, sales according to homeroom, top sellers, prize summaries and more! The reports give the chairperson 24/7 internet access to view totals, print reports and much more.

State Of The Art Scanning Equipment

We are committed to packing your orders correctly. Therefore, we use scanners to double check each order and make sure it contains the correct products and prizes. Every item is individually scanned by barcode to assure accuracy. This process dramatically reduces the number of errors and gives us an accuracy of nearly 100%.

Fewer Packing Mistakes = Happy Customers = Less work for the Chairperson

Orders Packed Individually by Student!

Every order is individually packed by student. We can then box by either classroom or alphabetical, whichever is preferred. When the orders arrive at the school everything will be labeled accordingly for easy distribution. Our drivers will even separate the boxes by classroom and deliver to the location that best fits your needs. All that’s left to do is hand out the orders!

Delivery by Tri-C Vehicles and Employees

Unlike a lot of other companies, we deliver your orders using Tri-C trucks and employees. This means that school volunteers do not have the hassle of unloading trucks when they arrive. Our drivers will unload all of the boxes and bring them into the school. We will even deliver them to each classroom if you prefer. Just let us know where you would like them and we will do the rest.

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