Cash Register App

Cash Register App

Our app is available for both Apple and Android Devices. No Internet - No Problem. Once you are signed in, there is no need to be connected to WiFi or use data. Once downloaded, log into the app using the username and password we provide and you are all set with your custom pricing structure. This avoids the chance of accidently setting it up wrong. Simply push the button on the app that corresponds to a price code found on each item. The app automatically adds up each item and calculates a total and change due – making check out fast and easy!


Tri-C Cash Register App vs. Traditional Cash Register

Imagine using a cash register with 30 students waiting in line. The scene would look like a retail or grocery store without enough checkout lanes open. This is exactly why we developed our app. Our groups have found that you can check out students much faster with our easy to use app. Just download the app on as many devices as you like. Now you have a multiple checkout lanes making the whole process fast and easy.
Why would you ever use a cash register that often times arrives not pre-programmed, not pre-programmed with the prices you charge, or a register that has so few pre-programmable keys that your cashier finds it confusing and frustrating?

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