Keys to a Successful Fund Raiser

Select the Best Fund Raising Products for Your Organization

Decide what products you are interested in.  Choose products that you would purchase yourself and that would appeal to the greatest number of people.  Most groups chose to do our main brochure to offer the most variety.

Get Volunteers to Help Organize

Delegate to lighten the load.  Assign jobs to each volunteer.  Communicate before, during and after the sale.  The more volunteers you have, the easier, smoother and more successfull your fund raiser will be.

Keep Fund Raisers Short

We recommend about a two-week selling period.  Allow a few extra days for late orders to come in.  By limiting the time, you will keep the participants motivated and on track.

Plan Ahead

Start planning in the spring for your fall fund raiser.  This allows ample time to execute it successfully. Be sure to schedule fund raisers to avoid competing with other groups.  The best time to start a fall fund raiser is from the end of August through the end of September.

Promote & Publicize

Send home a letter of information to each parent explaining the fund raiser. Spread the word to generate enthusiasm. Get everyone involved. If you can get each person to donate in some way then the goal is that much easier to achieve. Make a list of potential buyers - family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and acquaintances. Let everyone know why you are fund raising.

Provide Incentives

Most fund raisers have prizes included with the program - use them!  Make up your own incentives like donated prizes, cash prizes, pizza parties, hat day, gum day, etc.   Be creative .  Set a goal for each class or a contest to raise more money than others.  This gives students another reason to sell.

Set Goals & Deadlines

Establishing a clear financial goal is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve success.  Set a reaonable dollar amount you need to earn and then decide what it will take to reach it.  Set dealines to ensure progress.

Limit Fund Raisers to 2-3 per Year

Stay focused on 2-3 great fund raisers per year, instead of unlimited, ongoing fund raisers.  Kids and parents will both participate more if they know that this is the only fundraiser for the season.  If they think that another fund raiser will come along any day, they will toss aside the current fund raiser and wait for the next one.  It's a proven fact that two or three strong fund raisers will yield more funds than several poor ones.

Have a Campaign Kick-Off Assembly

It is important to motivate the participants.  Give ideas on how to sell. Let your group know why they are fund raising and what they are selling.  This is also a great time to let them know about the incentives they have a chance to earn. Get excited!  If you are, they will be too.